General Policies for Secondary Programs

CANCELLATIONS: Decisions to run courses are based on more than 18 registrants per course and the availability of qualified teachers. Site locations may also change. If the course does not receive the required number of student enrolment, then the course may be cancelled or moved to another location. If your course status changes, you will receive an email with instructions to accept or decline the change.

CANCELLATION POLICY: The YCDSB reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrolment and/or teacher availability.

CANCELLATION OF COURSE: Not all classes that are offered will automatically run. Even after you have been approved, a course may be moved to a different location or cancelled because of low enrolment. It is the responsibility of the registrants to check the Continuing Education webpage frequently and especially before the opening day of a course to see whether the course has been cancelled or moved to a new site. This will assist the registrant to consider the next step and avoid disappointment.

CLASSROOM SUPPORT: The York Catholic District School Board is committed to making programs accessible and supportive to students of all abilities. If you require further information, please contact the Secondary Principal of the Continuing Education Department prior to registering.

ELIGIBILITY: (According to new Ministry Policy): Secondary students (grades 9-12) who
• wish to upgrade their mark
• failed a course lower than 35% or who wish to obtain a full credit not previously taken towards their diploma
• received a mark of 35% to 49%
• Available to grade 8 students (Semester 1 or at Summer school) who take Learning Strategies or International Languages or Grade 9 Electives.

EXPECTATIONS: Prompt, daily attendance is expected. Students who incur more than 3 absences face the risk of being withdrawn. Please keep this in mind when scheduling holidays. Students with excessive lates can be withdrawn.

EVALUATION: All students will be required to write a final exam on the day the exam is scheduled. Students not writing final exam will receive a mark of ‘0’. Courses may be dropped 2 days after the midterm report is issued. After that time, the Ministry disclosure policy will be in effect.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Failure to provide information about a student’s ability to learn will result in the withdrawal of the student form the program(s) or course(s).

EMERGENCY CLASS CANCELLATION: Should classes be cancelled due to an emergency of some type; staff, students, parents and adults will need to refer to the YCDSB website or call the Continuing Education Department at 416-221-5051 extension 13609. Every effort will be made to communicate any class cancellations.

REPORT CARD: Final report cards will be issued on the last day of class. Report cards must be personally picked up at school. After the program ends, all unclaimed report cards can be picked up at the CEC, Continuing Education Dept., 320 Bloomington Road W, Aurora. Unclaimed report cards will not be mailed. All final marks will be electronically submitted for YCDSB students. Final marks for non-YCDSB students will be mailed to the home school. Marks for courses that finish within the semester will be included on the student transcript at the beginning of next semester, when the day school updates the student’s file. Graduating students are responsible for submitting their final report card to the University/College.

TEXTBOOK DEPOSIT: Text books need to be provided by the student. (info will be provided by teacher). A text book deposit is required for the all credit courses (cheque only). The deposit cheque will be returned to the student on the last day of class if the book(s) are returned.

TRANSCRIPTS OR CCS: Transcript or Credit Counselling Summary (CCS) sheet must be uploaded with the online registration form. Failing to submit a copy of your transcript or CCS will result in your registration form being “unapproved.”

VISA STUDENTS: Visa students must have appropriate documentation. Visa students taking a full credit course are required to pay a fee of $2200.00 per course. . Visa students are to pay by certified cheque only, payable in full to YCDSB, at registration.