Grade 8’s Going Into Grade 9: Kick Start Program

Kickstart Program Information Summer 2024

  • Dates: July 3 – 26, 2024
  • Time: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm
  • Location: Grade 9 Receiving School – The YCDSB High School the student is registered to attend in  September 2024*

The transition from elementary to secondary school can be a time of increased anxiety, of not knowing what to expect. Will I be accepted? Will I make new friends? New beginnings bring as many new opportunities as they do challenges.

The Kickstart Summer Program is a great way for in-coming grade 9 students to address both challenges and opportunities. It helps to facilitate a soft-landing into secondary and their new home for the next four years.

The Kickstart Summer Program will focus on helping current Gr. 8 students develop the foundational literacy and numeracy skills for a successful transition into high school.

In addition to these skills, the program will also focus on student well-being, which could include pathways planning, mindfulness, time and stress management techniques and gap closing curriculum and activities to better support students transition into high school.

Students in the Kickstart Summer Program will earn their first High School credit in HIF101 – Family Studies, Grade 9. This course will count as one (1) high school credit that students will use towards graduation.

We recommend this program for all students coming into grade 9 as this is a fantastic opportunity to become a member of the vibrant culture and community of their school community.

Attendance is mandatory:

All students are required to attend for the duration of the program.   Please refer to the Continuing Education Student Code of Conduct for further information. 

Important Information:

  • No transportation is provided
    • School buses will not be available before or after the program times
  • There is no cafeteria service
    • Students must bring their own lunch, snacks, and refillable water bottle
  • Uniforms are not required
    • Students are encouraged to wear school and weather appropriate clothing
    • We suggest students have a hat, running shoes, and sunscreen.
  • Please be advised that there may be classes involving physical activity
    • Students are expected to participate and should be prepared to do so
  • As this is a credit course, please ensure that students arrive on time and with the necessary materials, including a notebook and writing utensil
  • Students will be provided with information on their teacher and classroom number one week prior to the course start date

Program Details: 

  • Students participating in the Kickstart Program must be transitioning from grade 8 to grade 9 at a YCDSB high school 
  • The Kickstart program will provide students with a Grade 9 Family Studies credit upon successful completion of the course
  • Students have the opportunity to get to know their new school, meet some of their teachers, and make new friends! 
  • This program will focus on literacy and numeracy skills development, as well as mechanisms to aid in students’ time and stress management
  • The program will work on students’ goal setting and pathway planning strategies
  • Some physical activity may be required for a holistic and fun program* Some high schools will be undergoing construction during the 2024 Summer. If your school will be unavailable due to construction, you will be notified well in advance.
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