Grade 8 Reaching Up: Kick Start Program

Offered During
VISA Students: $1650.00

    Course Code: (HIF1OA) or (IDC3OA at St. Elizabeth CHS)


This program is ONLY available to those grade 8 students going into grade 9 in September of 2020 whose home school is listed in the chart below.

This course will count as one of the 30 credits required to graduate from High School.

The Kickstart Program primarily focuses on developing the literacy and mathematical literacy skills necessary for students transitioning from grade 8 to grade 9, that will help them to be successful in high school. Students will also be participating in well being activities which could include: physical activity, stress and time management, etc.

Students who participate in Kickstart have an easier time transitioning into their new school environment as the program is taught by teachers at the school who will begin the orientation process in summer so students can hit the ground running in September.

To Register, please follow the instructions below.

Name Code Registration
Kickstart (HIF1OA) or
(IDC3OA at St. Elizabeth CHS)
If you will be attending a YCDSB Secondary school in September 2020 Click Here to Register
Kickstart (HIF1OA) or
(IDC3OA at St. Elizabeth CHS)
For all other schools Click Here to Register