International Languages

Offered During
9, 10, 11, 12
No Cost

At the secondary school level, students in the International Languages Program, can develop oral communication, reading and writing skills in languages other than English or French. This program will also enable students to develop competence in listening and speaking in the language of study. Students will continue to participate in interactive activities in which they can apply and develop their language skills to communicate with native speakers of the language. They will explore aspects of culture in regions of the world where the language is spoken, including social customs, food, sports and leisure activities, popular festivals, and music.

This course helps students to meet the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations by having the student read, understand and use written materials effectively and demonstrate flexibility and adaptability.

Decisions to run courses are based on sufficient student enrolment and teacher availability. YCDSB students will have first priority to programs.


Area School Address Languages Offered
  • Fall
St. David CES 240 Killian Road, Maple L6A 1A8
  • Polish (LRP)
  • Fall
St. James CES 171 Mast Road. Maple L6A 3J7
  • Italian (LWG)
  • Malayalam (LIA)
  • Spanish (LWS)
  • Urdu (LIU)
  • Fall
St. Robert CHS 8101 Leslie St., Thornhill L3T 7P4
  • Cantonese (LKC)
  • Chinese - Simplified (LKB)
  • Chinese - Traditional (LKM)
  • Japanese (LKJ)
  • Korean (LKK)
  • Spanish (LWS)