Science and Technology Programs

Offered During
10, 11, 12
VISA Students: $1650.00

Maker Program

What is a Makerspace? (video)

The Maker ProgramĀ  ( IDC3O or IDC4U) is about teaching and learning that is focused on student centered inquiry. This is not the project done at the end of a unit of learning, but the actual vehicle and purpose of the learning. The focus of this program is to encourage students to be innovators, and critical thinkers. Students will, not only come to appreciate the value of hands-on projects, but they will draw from multiple disciplines in order to solve a real life problem.

Students will have the opportunity to pursue their own personal interest and learn about: design thinking, 3D printing, tinker cad, green screen, game and app development. Students will earn an interdisciplinary studies credit.

Only available Face-to-Face – Jean Vanier CHS

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