Adult Night School & General Interest Credit

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PLEASE NOTE:  eLearn – Blended courses are cancelled due to low enrolment.

 Adult Night School Credit

The YCDSB provides opportunities for all adults living in Ontario to develop the knowledge and skills they need to participate fully in Ontario’s highly skilled workforce. This vision is built on the principles of accessibility and inclusion.

Adult student
Students who are 18+ and out of school for at least 1 year

Individual Education Plan (Click HERE to book an appointment.):
Students returning to school are able to book an appointment with our Adult Education Pathways Consultant, who will determine high school credit value for your work and life experience and help map out your educational journey to prepare you for a career.

Flexible Learning Options

Face to Face Classes We offer a range of courses both at the college and university level
Most options are offered face to face (Tuesdays and Thursdays) from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

eLearn-Blended Model

PLEASE NOTE:  eLearn – Blended courses are cancelled due to low enrolment.
We offer eLearn classes to adults and to current part-time students that are registered in less than 4 credits in their home school. Model of delivery will be as follows;

  • 3 face to face classes
  • bi-weekly video conference classes
  • online tasks – D2L/Google Classroom

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Adult General Interest Credit


  • These programs are designed to provide a highly focused program for participants interested in any of the following areas: Hospitality and Tourism, Healthcare or Personal Training.
  • These programs are highly interactive and hands on, providing participants with the opportunity to prepare for future career opportunities

Hospitality and Tourism
Enables students to build a foundation of sector-focused knowledge and skills before graduating and entering apprenticeship training, college, university, or an entry-level position in the workplace.  Students will learn about preparing and presenting food, evaluating facilities, controlling inventory, and marketing and managing events and activities, and will investigate customer service principles and the cultural and economic forces that drive tourism trends.

Health Care Program
This program enables students to develop their understanding of basic health care procedures, including the safe use of appropriate instruments, equipment, and materials. Students will focus on health care fundamentals, including the anatomical features and physiology of the major body systems and the factors that affect homeostasis in the human body. Students will develop an awareness of health and safety issues in the healthcare field, analyse environmental and societal issues related to health care, and learn about professional practice standards and career opportunities in the field.

Physical Education
This program enables students to examine the factors that influence their own health practices and behaviours as well as those factors that contribute to the development of healthy communities. It emphasizes the concept of wellness, which addresses all aspects of well-being – physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and social – and promotes healthy eating, physical activity, and building and maintaining a positive sense of self. The program prepares students for college programs in health sciences, fitness, wellness, and health promotion.

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