Conversational Languages – Beginner Course

  • Tues., Oct. 9 - Dec. 11/18
  • Wed., Oct. 10 - Dec. 12/18
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Learn an international language in a supportive and relaxed environment. Enjoy learning about the culture and language while building your vocabulary and pronunciation. The International Language courses are an introduction to a conversational language. Students will learn basic communication used by travellers such as greetings, informal conversation, directions, weather, ordering at a restaurant, and much more.

Italian – Beginner

  • Learn Italian in a relaxed and supportive environment.
  • Enjoy learning about the culture and language.
  • Build your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.

Spanish -Beginner

  • Help you to communicate when your are travelling
  • Learn phrases which will be helpful to you on your vacation
  • Speak and write Spanish

French – Beginner / Intermediate

  • Enjoy ordering in French next time you travel.
  • The sound of the language is practiced through dialogue, vocabulary and basic structures
  • This course is for people with little or no knowledge of French

Mandarin – Beginner

  • For students with little or no background knowledge of the Mandarin language
  • The focus is on conversational practice.
  • Learn pronunciation with the aids of the Chinese phonics (Han Yu Pin Yin) and more.

All inquires should be made to the Continuing Education Department. PleaseĀ do not contact the day school.

Currently Offering

Area Location Dates Registration
Aurora Catholic Education Centre Wednesday
Oct. 10 – Dec. 12/18
Cancelled due to insufficient enrolment
Woodbridge St. Jean de Brebeuf CHS Tuesday
Oct. 9 – Dec. 11/18
Cancelled due to insufficient enrolment