Art 4 Kids

Offered During
  • July 3-20, 2018
12:30 pm - 3:00 pm
4, 5, 6

Students in grades 4 to 6 will learn how media, technique and process are used to create works of art; how art has a variety of functions; how to identify, analyze and select subject matter, how historical and cultural contexts provide meaning for works of art, and how to assess the merits of their own artworks and the artworks of others.

A minimum of 15 students is required.

Decisions to run courses are based on sufficient student enrolment and teacher availability. YCDSB students will have first priority to programs.


Area School Address
Aurora Our Lady of Grace CES 120 Aurora Heights Dr., Aurora L4G 6C4
Maple St. Cecilia CES 300 Peter Rupert Ave., Maple L6A 4P3
Markham St. Monica CES 290 Calvert Rd., Markham L6C 1V1
Richmond Hill Christ the King CES 329 Valleymede Dr., Richmond Hill L4B 2E1
Woodbridge St. Stephen CES 451 Napa Valley Ave., Woodbridge L4H 1Y8
Woodbridge St. Gregory the Great CA 140 Greenpark Blvd., Woodbridge L4L 6Z6