Jumpstart to Journal Writing: Reflections and Techniques

Offered During
  • Friday, Oct 12 - Dec. 14/18
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
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Jumpstart to journaling writing is a hands-on course that leads you through the process of connecting with and recording your thoughts, emotions and feelings and making them tangible on the page. More than a dozen journaling techniques such as clustering, character sketches, dialogue, time capsules, unsent letters and sprint writing are examined to explore life’s opportunities and challenges. These journaling techniques provide benefits of personal growth, career enhancement, health and creative expression. Students will be given a journal writing book to use for more than a recording device but as a tool to inspire creative thought, expression and legacy writing. A certified instructor will be teaching this program and the sharing of written thoughts is optional.


Area School Dates
Aurora Catholic Education Centre
320 Bloomington Rd. W.
Oct. 12 – Dec. 14/18